Diploma in Oil and Gas

This course covers all aspects of Oil and Gas plant operation, monitoring and control over the plant for safe and efficient operation. A proper understanding and execution of each of the below is a key in assuring a safe plant operation that operates at maximum safety and efficiency to experience minimum problems.

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Course Audience

Oil & Gas course is an advanced training & certification program for engineering Graduates & Diploma holders

Course Certification

  • NACTET (National Council for Technology and Training)

Technical Program

  • Minimize impacts of HSE
  • Learn and understand standard maintenance procedures
  • Safe start up, shut down and hand over equipment to maintenance
  • Standard practice and guidelines for Hydro Carbon sampling
  • Crude oil and Natural gas quality tests
  • Isolation- safe practices and different types of Isolation
  • General procedure for isolation
  • Monitor and control equipment items or process plant

Interpersonal Program

  • Business communication
  • Interview skills and Career views
  • Social Media do and don’ts
  • StartsJul 17, 2017
  • Duration180 Days
  • Seats Booked60
  • Seats Available13

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