Airon AcademyWe Create Bright Future

Airon Academy is a division of Airon Group, an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm for its Quality Management System and has emerged as one of the best institutes for the professional courses which rooted its establishment in the lands of Kerala – God’s own Country.

Airon is a unique institute providing….. Hospitality & Tourism Management, HR Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Project Management and many more.

Since its commencement we had got the privilege to train thousands of students professionally and this has given them immense opportunity in India and abroad in diversified and dynamic fields.

It is our privilege to tell courageously that We Create Bright Future to all who trust in us.

Airon Academy - the best academy for diploma courses in Kerala
Chairman Airon Group

Mr Johnykutty AbrahamChairman & Managing Director

A seasoned professional with 40 + years of experience in India & Abroad with projects like the United Nation’s Peace Keeping Missions, Marafie Group etc. is the powerhouse leading group. His vision for quality education for all ensures best in class training and proper placement support to our cadets. 

Being the guiding force behind the group he is the backbone for all strategic decisions which helps the brand to multifold its capacities beyond the limits. The group has achieved great heights under his guidance in strategic partnerships which enriches the capabilities of the group and its employees.

Core Management

Aaron - Executive Director - Airon Academy - the best academy for diploma courses in Kerala

Mr Aaron Abraham John
CEO & Executive Director

Aaron is heading the whole show of the Academy and his exceptional managerial skills enable the group to achieve greater heights. His penchant for the latest technology and innovations helps the group to evolve as an industry-leading academy with proven track records.

Mrs. Geetha Johnykutty - Airon Academy - the best academy for diploma courses in Kerala

Mrs Geetha Johnykutty

05+ years of experience in the business field with strong managerial skills. She is a veteran in people management and her interpersonal skillsets enrich the working atmosphere at Airon Academy.

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The business house that creates a bright future for students

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Proven track record with over 5 years legacy

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On-time and consistent in all endeavours

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