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To cater for the fast-growing demand from various quarters, young professionals should grab advanced technological skills and ideas. We have designed this course schedule as Diploma in Fire & Safety Engineering to enhance youth to Safety industry to establish a transformation from a degree holder into a good Engineer and then to a dynamic Manager.

In this program, we prepare you to grab best placements available in the markets by training you professionally and upgrades you with industry-oriented skills. Knowledge help you to become a Professional in Health, Safety and Environment and beat the competition and to reach your dreams as early as possible.

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    Course Details

    A Diploma in Fire and Safety course typically ranges in duration from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the institution and the specific curriculum offered.

    Duration: As mentioned, the duration can vary, but it commonly spans from 6 months to 1 year of full-time study. Some programs may offer part-time or online options, which could extend the duration.

    Curriculum: The curriculum of a Diploma in Fire and Safety is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills related to fire prevention, safety measures, emergency response, and disaster management. Typical topics covered include:

    • Fire prevention and protection systems
    • Fire safety regulations and standards
    • Firefighting techniques and equipment
    • Hazard identification and risk assessment
    • Emergency planning and management
    • Industrial safety protocols
    • Occupational health and safety

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    This program aims to sharpen the Technical, Functional and Managerial skills present in a normal Safety professional for helping him/her to transform into a skilled resource required by the industry. To prepare him/her to be highly a successful professional in Health, Safety and Environment with upgraded advanced skills and to be a responsible and loyal asset to the global construction industry.

    Also, this program aims to extend our hands to help you in planning your life, shaping your mind by building skills, good habits and making perfection to your thought process in order to complete your cycle with success.